Drawing Makes you Smarter, Happier & Significantly Improves Memory

 Brain Scans Show that Making Art is a Powerful Workout for the Brain

Brain Scans show positive mental health benefits of Art Production

Drawing strengthens the neural connections that enable you to recall and reconstruct information related to all daily activities!

Drawing can help with

  • Depression
  • Keep a To Do List in your Head
  • Redeveloping Neural Networks of Stroke & Trauma Patients
  • Remembering Names
  • Recalling Facts or Concepts on Tests
  • Decreasing Stress
  • Mental Illnesses : Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Managing Autism

Recent research on visual art has focused on its psychological and physiological effects, mostly in clinical populations. It has shown that visual art interventions have stabilizing effects on the individual by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection and self-awareness, altering behavior and thinking patterns, and also by normalizing heart rate, blood pressure, or even cortisol levels

The Mental Health Benefits of Drawing are for Everybody!

This book teaches you How to Draw Anything!

Watch the Videos Below to Learn How Everyone can learn to Draw!

Graham Shaw Speaks on Tedx to shows us how Everybody can draw to remember more! You may not believe it yet, but we are all capable of drawing sketches that make information memorable. In this talk you will discover talents you may have never known you had. Be prepared to amaze yourself!

How to draw to remember more | Graham Shaw | TEDxVienna


Why people believe they can’t draw – and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull

Here is a link to complete info on the related research study How Art Changes Your Brain: Differential Effects of Visual Art Production and Cognitive Art Evaluation on Functional Brain Connectivity