Lumosity Brain Training and Neuroplasticity.

Lumosity Brain Training and Neuroplasticity: the Incredible, Flexible Human Brain

neuroscience_101-2cfe70cb43317f39a0bc89117f128d0eLumosity exercises are designed by neuroscientists to improve core cognitive functions and to take advantage of the our new understanding of neuroplasticity.

Your brain has the innate ability to physically change itself when faced with new, challenging experiences. This ability is called neuroplasticity.
Your brain’s billions of neurons —its cellular building blocks—interact with each other in complex ways. Signals travel from one neuron to another down intricate neural pathways whose structures determine your thoughts, impulses, emotions, insights, and more.
As our brains age through childhood, these neural pathways change: less-used pathways are pruned away

while pathways that you use regularly grow stronger. Each task relies on a different neural pathway.
Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to create neural pathways and reshape existing ones—even as an adult. Your brain makes these small changes naturally throughout your lifetime. But when neuroplasticity’s potential is thoughtfully and methodically explored, this physical reorganization can make your brain faster and more efficient at performing all manner of tasks—no matter how large or small they may be.

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