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Lumosity Gives Students a Boost in Classrooms

Research from Lumos Labs Shows How Lumosity is Giving a Boost to Students Worldwide 1,392 students from 43 different schools took part in an investigation of Lumosity’s effect on academic…

Lumosity Helps You Unlock and Improve Your Brain

How you can harness your brain’s abilities Improve your brain performance and live a better life Build your Personalized Training Program enhance memory and attention Web-based personalized training program Track…

Lumosity Brain Training and Neuroplasticity.

Lumosity Brain Training and Neuroplasticity: the Incredible, Flexible Human Brain Lumosity exercises are designed by neuroscientists to improve core cognitive functions and to take advantage of the our new understanding…

The Lumosity Human Cognition Project Making Brain Training More Effective

The Lumosity Human Cognition Project is Making Brain Training More Effective and Changing How We Understand Our Brains The Human Cognition Project (HCP) is a groundbreaking collaboration between researchers worldwide….

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